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The mechanism by which the adipose tissue predisposes to further development of these diseases has not yet well-understood.However, it has been proposed that obesity is associated with the immunological changes and systemic inflammatory.Volunteers were instructed to fast for 12 hours and the collection was going to be held in the morning at the laboratory of clinical analysis.Analysis of cardiovascular risk indicators We used the criteria proposed by the Framingham Score to evaluate the indicators of cardiac risk.

gingivalis and with high combined response of antibodies, suggesting that periodontal infection may result in an acquired immune response and will be able to participate in the pathogenesis of CHD.The clinical periodontal examination was performed using a manual periodontal probe (PCPN115BR, Hu-Friedy, Chicago, IL).The analyzed parameters were visible plaque index, gingival bleeding index (GBI), Laboratory analysis Laboratory analyzes involved triglycerides, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, glycemia, glycosylated hemoglobin dosages.O-PD women showed greater glycemia level and smoking occurrence, but O-PD men presented a 13% - risk over of developing coronary artery disease in 10 years than O-PD women, 9% - risk over than O-s PD men and 15% - risk over than O-s PD women, by the Framingham Score.Conclusions: It was concluded that obesity and periodontal disease are cardiovascular risk factors and that the two associated inflammatory conditions potentially increases the risk for heart diseases.

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